The deep part to.

I remember cracking up laughing in front of the waitress. Because normally when we count calories it was in an effort to maintain our girlish figures. But this time were counting calories in an effort to eat the most possible in an short amount of time so we wouldn’t run out later.

After breakfast our little group met up and went down to Brierfield, Alabama to go intertubing on the Cahaba river.  We have made this trip several times in the past and it has become a bit of a tradition among our circle of friends. Almost every time we go usually come back with a legend of some sort. This one was fortunately fairly tame. Could be because we are getting old. We only had to leave one drunk person in the recovery position. 

That being said, we didn’t make it down the water without incident. Once you look through my gallery you will see where the rocks spoke back to Kirby. And everyone else has the usual cuts and marks.

Near the end someone was asked to hold on to my glasses while I jumped off of a rock face.The rock face sits over a deep part of the water. So the group was sitting in a 14 foot or so deep area of water, and my glasses managed to slip into the drink. This wouldn’t be so bad. But this is the is the exact thing same thing that happened last time I went on the trip just by a different person. Just luckily I had a point of reference this time and was able to recover my glasses after several attempts. But I have since learned more or less the max depth of my cell phone can handle, but it was nice enough to provide these pictures.            


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