The grave of the unmarked solider

Or the march of a thousand paws.

Even if not by choice, I got outside recently for a family trip down to Biloxi, Mississippi. Unfortunately a hurricane was in the process of striking Florida, and had we not booked ahead there would be no hotel rooms available near by, and from there the comedy started

Our first stop for food was highlighted by my grandmother losing all of the money from her purse in the restroom. This was followed by that funny smell in the hotel lobby. Apparently there had been a dog show last week and would be another one next weekend. So because of the hurricane. All of the competitors from Florida just decided to stay over.

A hotel lobby that has seen large dogs all week is special. The elevators, the stairwells, and the halls. Are all in competition to see which can smell the most like dog, and lots of the room have not seen room service since their furry friends got here. So they have an automatic leg up in the situation. 

In a hotel full of dogs. A dog show last week every one from Florida just stayed

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Friday nights goals were set in stone from the start. Planting grandma in a casino seat and finding sleep. So it got pretty simple past that. Unfortunately I found my knitting needles bent somehow, and that set my Saturday morning goals pretty quickly for me to.

Since our room was across from the elevator on the first floor I noticed the sound fairly early. It started around seven a.m. maybe earlier.  And was what I can describe as only the march of a thousand paws. Bodies awoke and asked to go outside as schedules aligned in preparation for the show later. The traffic eventually got constant, to the point I figured it would be easier to just start my day to.

My adventures are starting early today

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This may be part of the reason I avoid hotels when I travel. There is way too much movement. So you can imagine being in one where every single person brought their dog. Almost every time I stepped out into the hallway, something that was big as me wanted to play. 

Eventually I got away from the hotel by riding the bus around town to learn more about Biloxi. Most of the casino cities I think are really interesting once you get away from the bright lights and loud noises. This one is no different.

Building twenty-five of the V.A. hospital is blind rehabilitation and it blocks something out from the rest of the campus. The layout may be accidental, but the parking deck is way on the other side of the campus so I doubt it. It blocks out the Mississippi national cemetery. A vast rolling sea of unmarked head stones. Something that takes several quiet minutes to ride through at the marked speed limit. Something that adds a disturbing amount of weight to Bubba’s character in Forrest Gump and his loss. Out of respect to all the soldiers’ graves I decided not to take a picture.